Cheap Bathroom Renovations in Perth

When remodeling your bathroom, the first to consider is your budget. It dictates what materials you will buy and what design you will apply. If you are willing to spend more, the sky is the limit for you. You can do everything just to ensure your bathroom meets your personal taste.

But what if you only have limited budget? How are you going to maximise your resources? How can you remodel your bathroom? Let’s figure out with the following cheap bathroom renovations in Perth!

Refinish existing items

Refinishing existing items will help you save cash. If your shower, bathtub tiles or sink are still in good working condition, you can just refinish them. The cost of doing so is cheaper than buying new items. More so, you can avoid the time-consuming process of replacing old items with new ones. Learn more at

Don’t move plumbing

While it looks easy to switch your toilet and sink around, the underneath of these will open complications. It will not only skyrocket your budget but moving your plumbing will also take a lot of time. Our recommendation? Stick with how your plumbing and other fixtures are installed. Besides, you can still renovate your bathroom even without moving them.

Do the tilework

If you can cut tiles and set a toilet, it will be a big help to your expenses. Though it is very intricate and would require a lot of patience especially in measuring tiles before cutting and laying them and tightening its corners, it can be achieved when you are detail-oriented.

Change Hardware

This is going to be a simple yet affordable renovation for your restroom. But still, changing your faucet handles, drawer pulls and showerheads will give your bathroom a new look. Just a reminder though, make sure to utilise the same finish to keep your bathroom looking organised.

Consider several options

This is another renovation bathroom idea that will help you cut cost. Don’t focus in just one store if you are about to purchase fixtures and other bathroom hardware. You can also go online to compare prices.

Know your DIY skills

If you have skills in remodeling bathrooms, you can certainly use that. With this, you don’t have to worry in paying for professionals. However, don’t forget to assess and determine which project you can only accomplish because there are some things that only experts can do.

Hire professionals

This is an option if there is something you can no longer fix. It is better to hire a pro than insist to do it in your own. It will only open a can of worms and may cost you more than it should have. To get the best in town that will charge you reasonably for the service, ask recommendations from your family and friends or check directory listings and call several service providers.

Indeed, bathroom renovation ideas will help you get a new look for your restroom. But still, it boils down to your personal taste on how you will remodel your bathroom. Just keep it personal and classy!


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